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Dr. Marcel Quinones

Dr. Marcel Quinones (Dr. Quinones or Dr. Q.) attended Palmer College of Chiropractic (the #1 and founding school of Chiropractic – Davenport, Iowa). Dr. Quinones has been practicing for 20+ years, and is the founder of Family Care Chiropractic (FCC).

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“Dr. Quinones opened all 7 FCC Louisville locations, has trained over 30 Doctors in this office, and manages one of the busiest practices in Kentucky. “

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Patient Safety is #1 – this is the safest form of healthcare.​

Our Commitment:

We want all Patients to have a safe, friendly, helpful environment to get well. We work with all people who are seeking help from pain and suffering – no matter their ability to pay or insurance situation.

Our Experience:

With our experience, we have seen everything possible, and never had a malpractice claim in 20+ years.